Nigel has a UK Military background with significant cross-cutting security experience in the most challenging of land and maritime environments.  He holds strategic experience providing ministerial advice to Whitehall, COBR and the Cabinet Office on security risk. Masters educated and appointed to the Register of Chartered Security Professionals (CSyP) his focus is counter-terrorism, crowded space threat management, security by design and the cyber-physical threat within the built environment. He studies the tactics and vulnerabilities that terrorists have exploited in recent complex attacks to inform crisis planning and prevent catastrophic impact. 

NORTH CYBER Limted - Ciaran Richardson

Hugh is the leading industry expert on cyber threats in the built environment and supports CNI protection. His key focus is developing cyber security initiatives for the engineering and technology sectors.  Hugh is the Cyber Security Lead at the Institution of Engineering and Technology (IET) and the author of 'Cyber Security in the Built Environment'.  He has written two guidance documents for the IET on cyber security in the built environment and is a Member of the Register of Security Engineers and Specialists (RSES).

Ciaran is a former UK intelligence officer with a background in Counter Terror and military special operations. He delivers cyber consultation and hands-on investigation for governments and private sector organisations. He leads Red Teams of hackers, forensic practitioners and social engineers to interpret and demonstrate threats through ethical cyber penetration into organisations. A special emphasis is given to the 'cyber-human' interface, tracking individuals through OSINT (open source intelligence) in order for to identify and apply ethical social engineering tests and awareness training for a safe and secure workforce.

BODVOC Limited - Hugh Boyes CEng,FIET


The TEG7 Members

Robert is a security, intelligence and EOD executive with a UK Military background. He has broad strategic and operational experience and has advised senior staff, diplomats and government officials on aspects of security, intelligence, threat analysis, crises management, and resilience strategies. He has been the UN Security and EOD Advisor; Liaison officer for the UNMAS and UNOPS and has experience with NATO, the GCC, African Union, OSCE, EUPOL, FCO and others. Robert is a respected expert, has specialist research background on suicide bombing and has provided thematic briefs on worldwide security issues relevant to UNMAS/UNOPS missions.

NEW RISK Limited - Dr Sally Leivesley PhD Lond., MSPD, BA(Hons) Qld., FICPEM, FRSA, MACE, MIABTI

LINTON DRAGON Limited - Nigel Somerville MBE MC

Sally has a UK Home Office background and trained as a Scientific Advisor to respond to all aspects of nuclear attack and chemical, biological and radiological events. She plans, directs and participates in major exercises concerning critical components of industry and specialises in testing catastrophic threat impacts on critical functions of business. She has experience in all phases of risk assessment, planning, crisis management and post-loss recovery including psychological interventions in communities post-disaster. Sally is a respected media adviser on public protection and is a member of the Register for Security Engineers and Specialists (RSES).

LONGBOW SOLUTIONS Limited - Robert Shaw MSc

Peter has a UK military background and led troops during Counter-Insurgency and CT operations in Afghanistan, Iraq, Northern Ireland, Kenya and Somalia. He now delivers holistic security risk management solutions for CNI, corporates, private wealth firms and major events.  Peter specialises in hybrid (physical, personnel and technical) Red Team Penetration Testing which replicates the sophisticated threats facing CNI and businesses.  He blends open source research; Wi-Fi attack; hostile reconnaissance; surveillance; phishing; spoofing; social engineering (by phone, online and in person); physical intrusion; and computer network exploitation.

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TEG7 focus is the identification, management and mitigation of catastrophic risk to people, process and technology to sustain global business operations.  Our unique group was created in direct response to the 2015 Paris attacks, the ensuing terrorist rhetoric and the escalation in terrorism threat to cities.  We unify cross-skilled, internationally recognised specialists from risk, security, cyber and critical infrastructure to provide novel global security solutions against the latest physical, cyber and converged threats across all sectors. 




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